BUSINESS CHART incl NUMEROLOGY analysis for business name/title




The chief function of a Business Chart tells of the perfect time to register your business. The nature of your business’ energy is defined by the character traits under which it is “birthed” so to speak.

In essence, a Business Chart consists of two parts: the name (or image) of your company, and the theme (physical goods and services). Once you know what the goods and services are that you will be offering your customers, you really want the business name (the spoken and written energy) to match the physical product.

How do you get the perfect business? You can create this by first knowing clearly what outcome and theme it is that you desire… not the other way round. Did you know that astral energies are not limited solely to the human? In fact, everything, and we mean every single thing on earth – without exception – is influenced by signs and times.

The perfect time to register your Company is to combine the time, date, and place in order to acquire maximum success. Time should be spent beforehand to establish exactly what energy you require (a Skype question and answer session). Then to register the Company within the allotted time frame. This will impact on the Company so that it will reap maximum success. Once registered, the Company will vibrate to your chosen energy.

This two-part package will help you set the energy of your company and determine the vibrational frequency of its name so that you will attract your desired outcomes.

Just like a child is born with certain inherent characteristics or trademarks, so too is a business “born” with specific inherent energies. When the choice of your desired external energy (or business)matches the internal astral energy, then is your company in harmony with the universe.

Here we explain a bit more about these basics. In having decided on the (type) of business you wish to open, to make it a success you need to match the universal (astral) energies to your concept. For example, it makes no sense at all to build a daytime driven business on the foundations of night-time energies. Business outgoes (physical energies e.g. money and customers) must be aligned with your business incomes (universal star energies).

The benefits of the Business Chart are to highlight the key vibrational energies of that specific business. This astrological analysis can be used in two ways:
A. To find the best date to register a new Company
B. To understand the changing energies of a company in stagnation and to redirect it
With a Business Chart, we offer two FREE Skype sessions:
a. First Skype session to help understand the exact energy or theme you desire for your business – that under which you would like to operate
b. A second Skype session is for your own clarification regarding everything about your Business Chart

If a Company is failing, it can be a good idea to change the name to a more suitable vibration.


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