Much more than just a relationship chart, this Compatibility Chart is especially powerful if you can just for the moment consciously separate your emotional state from the information given. It will definitely highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both people (and parties) within this union.

The power of a Compatibility Chart is essential for a couple entering into a new relationship or for the unexplained dynamics of an already existing relationship.

To make your relationship truly work well, I wish to share something of great importance with you… from an astrological standpoint that is. Sex/love do not sit in the same house as that of unions/relationships. This is important information. As strange as it sounds, I need you to be wholly aware of this knowledge. This knowledge is given in kindness to help save you immensely huge spasms of pain and suffering. In no way whatsoever am I stating that you separate you emotions from your love life. I am stating that you separate your emotions while reading this Compatibility Chart.

We have incorrectly been conditioned by society to believe that love conquers all. Yes! Love in the true sense of the word will make everything work. However, one should not view the concept of love as a purely a physical “thing”. Love belongs to a shared domain of two worlds – the mental world and the physical world. Please read your Compatibility Chart using your applied intellect.

Business… One other thing. When I talk of “parties”, did you know that compatibility extends beyond the bedroom door? A business partnership consists of the full dynamics of a personal relationship but without the sex. Thus, a Compatibility Chart is the perfect solution to find out if a business partnership with a close or personal friend will have every chance of success.


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