This is also called your birth chart. The primary function of a Natal Chart is to define your core make up – your physical, mental, psychic and spiritual blueprint – which is wholly immoveable for the remainder of this life.

If you could be given one opportunity to fully understand yourself, this is it! That you could discover and master you primary make up would give you the power to know exactly how to master every single aspect of life – past, present, and future.

Try to imagine the moment that you were born as a blueprint of the stars in freeze frame. Very intelligibly, this image tells how the entire universe in that moment is immortalised within you. From this, I want you to begin to see that time and space is your default system. It is from this standpoint that knowledge, real knowledge of yourself, is the true start point out of which you will and can operate your life here on earth… You are not just human, you are greater that this. This is the secret they are hiding from you.

Added to this message, I sincerely want you to grasp that your birth moment of time and space defines that you in fact are that miniscule part of the universe. More than this, not only is that piece of the universe in you, but that piece of the universe is YOU.

Now that is one serious piece of art we need to place in writing. Art in the form of a picture – an astrology picture. Whilst my Natal Chart will show you nearly every corner of your being, and it’s huge people, for ease of application I have included into your e-write up a special design feature just for you called the Major Points Summary.

This Major Points Summary is a concentrated picture of the universe for your moment of birth. It is written that you can to identify your principal operating systems… in short, it is your entire makeup in one hand, quick and to the point.


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