This chart is also known as your angel chart. The special features of the vocational chart are designed to help steer your life from unsettled wonderer to business king – and of course, a king needs a whole career council of gods. Oh yes! We do have exactly that answer for you.

Are you aware that energy understood leads to energy mastered? If you knew exactly how your inner workings functioned you would know exactly how to take the next step in business… There truly is a formula folks.

It must be stated clearly here that a king is not a god, and thus, a king still needs help from other places. By knowing the limitations of your own inner and external strengths you would know exactly when its time to summon in the posse comitatus. And here, I’m sure you know me well enough to realise that I am not simply talking of physical help.

With the foundations of your inner self firmly established in your vocational chart and your innermost business qualities clearly brought into the spot light, it becomes super clear once you have read your Vocational Chart that you will be ensured long-term job satisfaction.

The dynamite power of the Vocational Chart has its strengths in giving you the foundations of your business mind. It is also of immense value should you just beginning a new life venture or if you fresh out of the education system.


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